Ngorongoro Coffee Group Tanzania

The goal of the Ngorongoro Coffee Group is to produce sustainable specialty coffee and to connect the member farms with the specialty coffee world. We do this through trade shows like Specialty Coffee Association and The World Coffee Show.  We also host an annual event called The Cupping at the Crater event. This year because of covid 19 we are proud to announce we will be doing a private auction of our best coffees in participation with the Alliance of Coffee Excellence (ACE)


This small group of farms are dedicated to the craft of specialty coffee growing and all that it entails. Coffee farming in this region of the world is difficult and our association is principled on information sharing as well as cooperation regarding marketing as well as process sharing.  We discuss and out line all the best techniques on how we can achieve the best possible products though plant husbandry and wet mill processing.  We event share plant material through years of selection for our area of growing.

We are the home of the Cupping at the Crater Event:  This year Event will be organized by the Alliance for Coffee Excellence. January 15 th 2021.

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